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Enter a Credit Card number in the input field to check the validity and issuer informations. The analyse will be done in realtime. The datas will be updated automatically when modifying the card number.
How to Use:
Running the application:
Download the Credit Card Checker application and use the following commands in you terminal to install the NodeJS dependencies and run the application:
$ cd CreditCardChecker
$ npm install
$ npm start

Test the application
There are tests integrated in the application, written using Karma library. To run the test simply run the following command:
$ ng test

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| Aug 1, 2018 | Price : 9$

I was getting close to a deadline, didn’t had time to program so I came here - bought it -and voila problem solved

| Apr 7, 2018 | Price : 2$

Great way to save time and extremely cheap

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