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20 Jun,2018

ChatBox is a simple chat plugin enabling website visitors to contact and chat with the support team of the website. In the absence of an operator online, the visitor is redirected to the website's contact form.
How to Use:
1. Create a new database.
2. Import the database schema from chatbox.sql.
3. Clone or download ChatBox.
4. Copy the ChatBox directory into the root folder of your webserver.
5. Create a `

` in the webpage in which you want ChatBox to run.
6. Include jQuery library and load ChatBox into the above div.

7. Edit /chatbox/config.php
define('CB_HOME', "/path/to/chatbox/"); //replace with the path to the chatbox directory.
return array(
'host' => 'localhost',
'db_name' => 'chatbox',
'db_user' => 'root',... //replace accordingly with database and other parameters.

The admin panel will be available at http://path/to/chatbox/admin/

Settings such as the database name, user, password, welcome message for chats and link to the contact form can be customized in the config.php file.
The ChatBox's main theme color can be adjusted to suit the website by updating line 3 of the chatbox.css file with the preferred color/color code. e.g. `--main-bg-color: #18BA9B;`

A demo is available at:

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| Jul 3, 2018 | Price : 10.17$

I was really pleased with this chat app. Great fun, good mix of layouts, worked great on my site. Well worth the money.

| Aug 14, 2018 | Price : 10$

The source is well organized, easy to use& earn, great documentations. And easy to edit

| Oct 1, 2018 | Price : 11$

This is the first review that I write on Piece. I rate this item5/5. Excellent and highqualitycode