The human brain is hardwired to pay attention to moving objects.

Because of this natural reflex to notice movement,
adding animation to your website or app is a powerful way to draw users attention to important areas of your product and
add interest to your interface.

When done well, animations can add valuable interaction and feedback,
as well as enhance the emotional experience, bring delight, and add personality to your interface.

In fact, to animate means to bring to life.

There are an awful lot of libraries that want to help you animate things on the web.

These aren't really libraries that help you with the syntax or the technology of animations,
but rather are grab-and-use as-is libraries.

Want to apply a class like "animate-flip-up" and watch an element, uhhh, flip up?

These are the kind of libraries to look at.

I wholeheartedly think you should both

1) learn how to animate things in CSS by learning the syntax yourself and

2) customize animations to tailor the feel to your site.

Still, poking around libraries like this helps foster ideas,
gets you started with code examples, and might form a foundation for your own projects.

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CSS animations. As described but not more.

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