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BeGoTaxi application Android solution + Dashboard - 5

Passenger App

Get it on Google Play

Driver App

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Admin Panel
password: test123

The package you will receive after download consists of the following folders:

  • documentation

  • android: Android studio 3.4.1 workspace which generates two apps for passenger and driver.

  • server: Backend APIs in an encrypted format.

  • frontend: A simply landing page for your app.

All of this is in the exact same development source code except the server app and maps API. Server App is a value-added part of the item and it is included in the package but in an encrypted form so you won’t be able to edit current APIs. You are free to edit Mobile Apps, Dashboard and use options already provided by backend. Do not edit everything in the backend server code, unless you follow the documentation.

BeGoTaxi application Android solution + Dashboard - 9

  • A VPS with Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS7 installed.
  • Any kind of VPS panel installed (Cpanel, Virtualmin, etc).
  • You can get one of these for a price low as 5$/month. For recommendations contact through email.
  • A Google Maps account with billing enabled.
  • Tons of Coffee and Motivational Music ON.
BeGoTaxi application Android solution + Dashboard - 10

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heba ahmed 22 Apr, 2020

can we take more information about food delivery app can you give demo and is this application include web and mobile app thanks n

FarrukhAshurov2190 09 Jan, 2020

Hello Please give information who should I ask i interested in bego taxi app and i need same more information about that please help me with who i can discuss nThanks in advance

FarrukhAshurov2190 06 Jan, 2020

Im install discord whom i can ask My discord Farukh Ashurov

FarrukhAshurov2190 05 Jan, 2020

Hello Happy new year I want know from admin panel possible block and unlock any drivers or other This app works such Uber Show nearest car Possible choice nearest car from customers nRebrending and customisation available nSupport and installation in our server included nHow i can check driver app Please give me link nThanks in advance nBest regards Farukh

MuazzissNajmi2122 Seller 05 Jan, 2020

yes just check our website and join the discord to ask more question

FarrukhAshurov2190 27 Dec, 2019

Hello Im interested in your app please let me know more that is such uber taxi Can you give me demo for testing For which OS nThanks in advance

MuazzissNajmi2122 Seller 27 Dec, 2019

just check our new website http begotaxi xyz

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