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Automatic Background Changer or Auto Background Changer With Change Background

changer of photo background total change using magic tools or select
part and erase part with eraser. this application not a online photo
editor change background application it's totally free or offline

background changer of photo using magical tools
using just select unwanted part and erase part it's so easy after select
next part background and set your place your photo.

Changer using make your photo awesome or beautiful so just download
application and make your photo you just like this app definitely and
make your photo. and also saved automatically previous background erase
photo if you use old background erase photo so you can used it also and
with this feature you can make Best Mirror magic photo like small to
high more than one picture.


Magic: Auto Erase: Single touch background Remove

Manual Erase: Finger Rub Background Remove - also select Size Of brush and offset Brush Size

Repair Finger Rub Background Retrieval and return your image part

Zoom, Undo, Redo, Full Scree & Add Photo For accurate quality of Image or Photo

Background Eraser is a easy to use app just select the image and erase
background with finger touch and change background from our hand picked
HD background collection or with your own image from gallery.

Hoe To Use App:-

- Select Image From Gallery

- Erase Unwanted part on image using magic tools or remove tools or unpressured your thumb

- if you erase no pro undo, redo, restore using restore your original photo

- After Select Background As You Like

- Place Your Erasable Photo and set on your choice location one time or more than one time

After Save on Your Gallery or Share With Your Friend With WhatsApp,
Facebook, Instagram Or Insta, Twitter or Other Social Median You Has
Used and also set on wallpaper Picture Of Social Media Using App

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