AmazeD 3D is a one of a kind of a puzzler game with turn-based movements and RPG themed quests where the player is stuck up in her dream and in order to return to reality she has to cross different levels of adventurous quests. Each sequence is crafted uniquely with various landscapes styles, obstacles and weather conditions. Each Chapter is crafted uniquely with various landscapes styles, obstacles and weather conditions. This game has more than 8 different kinds of obstacles, each having a unique style in preventing the girl from reaching her destination. Featuring some brain twisting levels, each with their own set of hints to help players find the answer. The game has its playable character with various outfits that change according to the storyline to give the sense of freshness and cinematic appeal to the game.


This game works on the principle of a path finding in largely widen different worlds with full of blocks and also offers beautiful short stories (Hinted as 3 Tips inside the game) to predict the number to blocks in-which the player has to use to reach the destination. The player will only come to know if the Block Count is correct or not only after reaching the destination.


Player will be standing in Block 1 which counted as Block Count = 1 

Destination Block is not counted as Block Count.


1. Intuitive Clue system to help find answers to the puzzles.

2. Credit system to help you prolong the course of the game for the ultimate fun adventurous experience.

3. Diverse landscapes and climatic conditions to create a sense of visual appeal to the game.

4. Different character outfits to make the game feel fresh every time you play.

5. A badass obstacle course that will hinder your progress with its own level of complexity.


1. Unity 2018+

2. Maya 2018+ (Only to read .ma files, free student version is far enough)

3. Blender (Free, To Read .blend files)

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| Aug 23, 2019 | Price : 100$

Sweet. I mean everything is there, even models and graphics. Definitely worth more. Needs a better cover image. Does not do it justice.