AI Image Classification

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24 Dec,2019

  • Automatically classify images in real-time using AI with a pre-trained model in javascript.
  • Execute complex classifications and get the list of possible contents of the images with
    the probability.
  • Real-Time execution, it only needs javascript.

  • Upload your images and get multiple real-time classifications.
  • Make your websites smarter. You can later modify the page to save the results into your
    preferred storage (database connections not included).

Some ideas about how to customize the code: 

  • Save the tags to your preferred database 
  • Use it to automatically tag images
  • Automatically organize image galleries 
  • Be creative!

You are welcome to ask me questions in the comments :) 

* External Sources: This code uses MIT TensorFLowJS and Mobilenet
Please notice that the current classifications are predictions and might not be 100% accurate. The image quality and clarity influence the quality of the predictions.

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