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Admob integrated.

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3D Visualizer - 3D Viewer for 3D model and 2D drawing converted to 3D object. With this app you can visualize 3D models of different formats and visualize 2D drawing in 3D mode. Draw any figures in 2D by finger touch and app will convert it to 3D model.

After conertation you can set color or texture for this model.

Load your own 3D model from sd memory or choose any presented models. Now app support next 3D model formats:

.asc, .obj, .3ds, .md2, .ser.



- draw plan/shape in 2D mode and app will convert it to 3D model

- change texture or color in 3D mode

- load your own 3D model and change it s color or texture

- create 3D object from shapes in app.



Android Studio

minSdkVersion 16

targetSdkVersion 29



Open in Android Studio

- change color (color.xml), change icons (images)

- change app name

- replace admob id for banner and interestitial

- replace inApp purchases keyString

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