3D CSS Pack #3: Isometric, 3D Charts, Tilting

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This is a pack of multiple example templates on how to use advanced CSS transformation for modern 3D effects and use cases.
Some JavaScript may be used, but it’s only to manipulate CSS values.
This pack includes:
Isometric: Sideways angled way of looking at 3D graphics for a better overview perspective. Used to give a better spatial impression of 3D depth.
Chart Bars: Using 3D to create a graph in bars.
Chart Bars with Textures: Slightly modified version with textures.
Tilt: Mouse following 3D tilt rendering. Effect can be modified for all sorts of slight or heavy tilt effects.

All of these use slightly different methods and structured, so you can pick and take whatever seems useful to you.

How to Use

Simple open the index.html of each folder in your browser. All code is included. Some examples may request libraries online, so for those you need an online connection.

User Guide Document

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