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Do you or your enterprise struggle to find the human resources, expertise, or time to implement and customize the open-source software?

Are you a creator of open-source software searching for a means to earn from your code?

Our platform enables

On-demand customization for users

  • Get the support you need for integrating open source software in your project.

  • Request customized updates for your favorite open-source software directly from its creators.

  • Choose support from different providers for the same software to match your budget and other requirements.

Earnings for Creators

  • Earn from your open-source software by creating and managing custom purchase plans for your code.

  • Establish long lasting interactions and a loyal user base through additional support, updates and customizations for a fee you decide.

Open source software support as a service

Provide support and customization services for open source software

Join as a creator / service provider

Become a provider and offer customization, extended support, additional features, implementation support, hosting and more services you choose

You benefit from:
  • An opportunity to earn from your open source software
  • A platform designed to enable you seamlessly create and manage your offerings.
  • One marketplace that integrates it all.

Are you an open-source software user?

You still get your open-source software for free, and can request customizations, support, implementation, hosting and even new features.

You benefit from:
  • Professional support for implementing and extending requested functionality.
  • Cost saving, as requesting customizations for open-source software is cheaper than buying proprietary software.
  • A wide range of providers to choose from.

Want to become a service provider?

It’s easy. Anyone who creates or extends open-source software can become a service provider. As long as you wish to earn from your software by providing additional services

Start earning from your code

How it works


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Link your Github repository


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Describe additional services you can provide


Create charging plans

Create charging plans for your additional premium services

Frequently asked questions

  • Which OpenSource can I provide support to?
    You can provide support to any public Github open source repository as long as you are:
    - An official partner
    - The owner of the repository.
    - An active supporter of the repository.
    - A qualified software company/individual.
  • What license does the PieceX for OSS have?
    Every OSS product has its own license. Please check the product page for details of their license. Please notice that PieceX does not own the open source, the owner of each repository is stated in the product information. Usually, you can find the details of each repository’s license in the file “license.txt” located at the repository.
  • What is included in a PieceX for OSS plan?
    Each plan has a different list of included features. Please click on the “see all features” button located below the plan’s name to check the features that are included in the plan and the payment options.
  • What is a OSS plan?
    A plan for OSS (open source plan) is an additional service, feature, customization, or support that is offered for an Open Source MIT product. The plans are available for purchase via monthly subscription or one-time payment at the discretion of the plan provider.
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