Rhomicom Enterprise Resource Planning System (Web Version)

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Rhomicom Enterprise Resource Planning System (Web Version)

Rhomicom Enterprise Resource Planning System is a complete ERP system proudly started in Ghana by Ghanaians. The company behind this project is Rhomicom Systems Tech. Ltd.(http://rhomicom.com) The software can be used to manage both backend and front-end operations of all kinds of institutions and organisations. The sample is currently hosted on https://portal.rhomicom.com Help can be found on https://wiki.rhomicom.com

Completed or Activated Modules

  1. Accounting
  2. Person Data
  3. Internal Payments (Payroll, Membership Fees, Dues and Contributions)
  4. Sales/Inventory
  5. Visits/Appointments
  6. Events Management
  7. Facility Rentals/Hospitality Management
  8. Learning/Performance Management System
  9. Self-Service
  10. e-Voting
  11. Chat Rooms/Forums
  12. Banking & Microfinance Module
  13. Vault Management Module
  14. Visit https://wiki.rhomicom.com/ for more info

Typical Target institutions/organisations

  1. Hotels/Restaurants/Coffee shops
  2. Super Markets/Boutiques/Wholesale and Retail Shops
  3. Associations/Churches/Professional Bodies
  4. Construction Firms
  5. Academic Institutions

System Features

  • Email/SMS Alerts
  • Import/Export to Excel
  • Responsive Design (Able to work on any Computer,Tablet, Phone)
  • Online Capable (Can be accessed anywhere in the world)
  • Summary Dashboards
  • Customizable Interfaces
  • Customizable Reports
  • Chat Rooms/Forums/Circulars/Announcements

Sofware Requirements

  1. All Operating Systems
  2. PostgreSQL Database 9.3 or later (Can be hosted on any Operating System)
  3. Java 1.6 or later

Hardware Requirements

Same hardware requirements for above Sofware requirements

Technologies/Tools Used (Credits/Acknowledgements)

  1. Java 1.8-(Netbeans 8.1) or later
  2. PHP 5.6 or later
  3. HTML/CSS/javascript (Bootstrap, Datatables Plugin, Bootstrap Dialog, SummerNote,jQuery, fontawesome 4)
  4. TIBCO JasperSoft Studio 6.2.0
  5. PostgreSQL Database 9.3 or later


  1. Projects Management Module
  2. Help Desk Module


If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact us through a GitHub issue.


You are invited to contribute new features, fixes, or updates, large or small; we are always thrilled to receive pull requests, and do our best to process them as fast as we can.

Before you start to code, we recommend discussing your plans through a GitHub issue, especially for more ambitious contributions. This gives other contributors a chance to point you in the right direction, give you feedback on your design, and help you find out if someone else is working on the same thing.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


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composer init

composer install composer update

composer require --dev phpunit/phpunit ^8 ./vendor/bin/phpunit --version ./vendor/bin/phpunit

composer require "codeception/codeception" --dev ./vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap ./vendor/bin/codecept g:cest acceptance First ./vendor/bin/codecept run

php vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap php vendor/bin/codecept generate:cest acceptance First

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