Welcome to the PieceX.


In PieceX, person with a programming skills and hobbies in the source code development, sells the source.


It is a platform for the people who want to now start the programming and the people who want to improve their skills can buy the source .

Introduction on how to use

Search for Source Code/Item

Search from Category

You can find a source code/item from a category, such as business systems, Web system, website.

Home Page

Business System

Web System

App Development

Search from Language

Language search allows you to search the sources from languages such as Java and Ruby.





Simple Purchase and Payment

1. Select the Source Code

Please click on the "Add to cart " button from your favorite source details .

2. Purchase

Please proceed to the payment screen from the list of items that you have added your cart .

3. Purchase Confirmation

Please confirm the details and proceed to PayPal checkout page for payment.

4a. Payment with PayPal account

If you already have PayPal account, complete payment with PayPal account. If you do not have PayPal account, refer to step number '5a.'

4b. Return to PieceX

After completing successful payment, this page will be redirected to PieceX platform.

4c. Download source code/items purchased

If you have completed the source purchase , you will receive an email confirmation for the source purchase , and you can download the source from the purchase history or thank you page .

5a. Use Credit Card or Debit Card

If you do not have PayPal account, you can complete payment using your debit card or credit card.

5b. Return to PieceX

Please click on 'Return to PieceX Platform' after completing payment. You will be redirected to Thank you page and from this page you can download the source purchased.

Create Account and Sell Source Code

1. Account

For creating a new account , click 'Create Account' at the top of the page, please fill in the fields .

2. Upload Source Code

Once registration is complete, click "Upload an Item” from my page, please do post source.

3. Input Item

Fill the required item to new posts, then click “Upload” and complete your post upload.

4. Upload Complete

Since uploading the source has been completed, you can view your contribution from 'View my Items’ in 'My Page'.

How to pay - Available credit card

If you have any question, comment

Please contact our customer service.

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