How to Sell

Prepare your source code

Before posting your source code/item, please make sure to test it and document it properly, to make it easily reusable for the buyer.

Please keep in mind that the buyer may not be an expert in the language or technology used in your project, so the more commented it is, the better!

Then go to “My Page and Upload Item” to start posting.

Before you upload on PieceX,

Here’s a checklist to get you ready to upload:

Post your source code/item

Please fill all the sections properly, so this will allow other users to understand very quickly what your post is about, and see if it can fit their needs. The “Genre” and “Language” fields are very important as they are used to filter the users searches.

Feel free to add images of you code or of the UI if any to make it attractive to the other users. Please compress you source code and documentation in .zip archive before posting it.

Earn Money

Every time a user buy a piece of source code you uploaded, you will earn money. A PayPal account will be required for you to get the money.

Depending on the users ratings and reviews about your code, the price may fluctuate.

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