Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy ( personal information protection policy)

ONE ACT Inc. , the management company of the PieceX (hereinafter “company”), established the following privacy policy, all employees aware of the importance of protecting personal information and endeavors to protect personal information by strictly.

● Our personal information protection policy

■ Management of personal information
The Company keeps the personal information of customers to accurate and up-to-date of the state . In order to prevent unauthorized access , loss, damage , alteration, leakage , etc. of personal information , maintenance and employee training of maintenance and management system of the security system takes the necessary measures of thorough , etc. , and also carries out safety measures and make the strict management of personal information .

■ Purpose of using personal information
We will use personal information of customers for the purpose of use for the following purposes announced to the customer at the time of acquisition.
· For accepting registration of services provided by the Company, identity verification, request for consideration and payment of remuneration etc., to operate and maintain the service
· For communicating various information on the services provided by the Company and providing information
· For investigating and analyzing usage of services provided by the Company
· For improving services provided by the Company or developing new services
· For delivering information and announcements of our services to customers
· For solving troubles in service operation provided by the Company
· For purposes of use incidental to the above purpose of use

■ Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
We maintains personal information received from customers to properly and do not disclose personal information to third parties unless one or more of the following are true.
Only under the following cases we may disclose the personal information to the third parties.
・ If you have the consent of the customer
・ When we provide for the contractor to perform the services requested by the customer by the company entrusted to
・ If it is permitted to disclose on the basis of the laws and regulations

■ Safety measures for personal information
The company has taken the accuracy and safety of personal information to ensure security.

■ Person query etc.
If the customer would like to inquire, modify, stop the use of personal information, etc., please contact us.

■ Data Deletion Request.
To unsubscribe or remove your account, please access your “Account” -> “Account details” and click on “Delete my account”. Additionally, you can request your data to be deleted by contacting us using the email associated with your account and explicitly requesting your personal data to be deleted.

■ Laws and regulations, compliance and review of the Code of Conduct
The laws and regulations that apply to personal information held by Japan, strive to improve and review this policy from time to time to comply with regulations.

■ Contact Us
Inquiries concerning the handling of personal information, please contact below.
To personal information management officer

■ Cookies Policy
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