PieceX Points Terms of Service

Article 1 (Scope of Application)

The PieceX Point Terms of Service (hereinafter referred as “Terms of Service”) stipulate the handling of PieceX Points (hereinafter referred as the “Point”) issued by PieceX (hereinafter referred as the “Company”). The Users must fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions before they can use the Points.

Article 2 (Granting of the Points)

  1. The Points will be awarded to the Users who purchase products or use services on PieceX by the method specified by the Company and will be displayed on the User's account page. 
  2. The content of the goods or services to which the Points are granted, the rate at which the Points are granted, and other conditions will be determined by the Company and announced on the Company's website.

Article 3 (Use of the Points)

  1. The Users can apply the Points to the payment of PieceX according to the conditions and methods specified by the Company. 
  2. In order to use the Points, it is necessary to enter the Points before the payment as mentioned in the previous section. 
  3. Please note that some products and services are not available for use of points.
  4. Once the Points have been used, they will not be refunded for any reason.

Article 4 (Suspension of Use of the Points)

 The Company may suspend the use of the Points or revoke the Points in any of the following cases

  1. When a customer acquires the Points in a dishonest manner or uses the Points knowing that the Points were acquired in a dishonest manner.
  2. When the customer uses the Points that have been forged or altered.
  3. When the customer violates the terms and conditions
  4. When the Company deems the use of the Points to be inappropriate.

Article 5 (Suspension or Discontinuation of the Use of the Points)

 When the Company deems it necessary to suspend or discontinue the system due to system maintenance, communication line, communication means, computer failure, etc., the Company may suspend or discontinue the use of the Points without prior notice to the Users.

Article 6 (Change or Abolition of the Terms and Conditions, etc.)

  1. The terms and conditions and the conditions for granting or using the Points are subject to change or discontinuation at the Company's convenience. In addition, the use of all or part of the Points may be suspended due to such changes or discontinuation. 
  2. In the event of any change or discontinuation of the terms and conditions, a notice will be posted on the Company’s website.

Article 8 (Prohibition of Transfer, etc.)

 The Points may not be transferred or otherwise disposed of, pledged or otherwise secured.

Article 9 (Jurisdiction)

 The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance in the event that a lawsuit arises in relation to services based on Terms of Service.

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