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PieceX aims to be a great service to help startup’s and Entrepreneur and new business development department of a large company to set up business like Uber, Ola, Uber Eats, Swiggy, Spotify and many more. We empower your business to grow to new heights and earn more by simply investing few thousands dollar. We help you to set up your new business model.

Software / Apps purchased from PieceX can be directly used to set up your business or you can freely tune it as per your requirement.

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Key Highlights

For Buyers

Cut your development time and rapidly set up your business

Browse and choice from a large variety of source codes

Get world class quality code and quality assurance

Check user reviews before you purhcase

Direct contact with the seller and get after purchase support

For Sellers

AI - powered optimized pricing

Maximize your profits through AI assisted dynamic pricing

NDA to maintain copyright

Additional income flow by reusing in-house source codes

Getting started is simple,

1. Create an account with PieceX
Simple registration process
2. Select from wide varieties of apps
From certified developers
3. Guided Reviews
Check reviews before purchase
4. Contact seller directly
Speak to the seller and resolve all your queries before purchase
5. Make online payment with one click
Secured payment gateway with PayPal and credit card options
6. Download the source code
Set up your business and start earning
7. We continue to help
Get support from seller after purchase
Quality assurance
We review all products

Find out how to invest few millions and earn in billions, Start now.

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