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You have a development idea but you don’t know how to implement it?

You would like to add a new feature in your project but you don’t have the time to do it yourself?

Go on the “Paid Items” page of PieceX and use the available filters (language, genre) and rankings (popularity, price, etc…) to help you find the perfect piece that will solve your problems!

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Before buying, please read carefully the comments and ratings associated to the source code PieceX to be sure it fits your needs!

Then add the pieces of items you would like to buy in your cart and proceed to check out.


The payment options are either PayPal or credit/debit card. Personal information are handled securely with SSL encryption management.

The contents available on PieceX are carefully reviewed to ensure that the source code you buy is reliable and matches it’s description.

Please contact us using the “Contact us” form if you want to signal us any inappropriate or corrupted content.

After purchasing a PieceX of source code / items, please take some time to rate it and determine the price you think it worth, so the piece selling price will be re-evaluated.

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