About PieceX

Our Mission

We aim to support the creation of great services in the world,

by provide a leading marketplace for creative people to sell and buy software assets including scripts, themes, code snippets, web and mobile applications.

About PieceX

On PieceX you will find all you need to complement your software projects, and can also earn by selling your work.

PieceX aims to be an excellent source code platform in both quantity and quality.

Please contribute with posting your high quality work, or enjoy picking the missing Piece for your project!

For the developers posting source code on PieceX:

Please post source code within your area of expertise to ensure high quality work.

Please make your code clean, well commented and documented so it will be easy for the buyer to understand it and re-use it.

The price you applied when posting will automatically fluctuate regarding the rating and popularity of your code and more.

The source code you sell on PieceX can be freely used by the buyer, even for a commercial use. For more details, please refer to the license page.

For the developers buying source code on PieceX:

When buying source code on PieceX, you can either integrate it in your project with no modification or tune it to fit your needs. Any source code bought on PieceX can be freely used, even for commercial purpose.

However, the seller’s copyright remains if the code is not modified or integrated in a project, so you’re not allowed to directly resale it on anywhere with no modifications. For more details, please refer to the license page.

After buying source code on PieceX, please review it to let us and the other users know about it’s quality and value for money, so the quality of the source code on PieceX will continue to increase!

Tons of benefits

PieceX brings many benefits to you.

  • Save time and money

    Shorten your development time by searching and easily downloading easily any components that may be required to complete. This will also enable you save the costs of hiring another developer.

  • Reuse of software

    Generate new revenue by componentizing and reselling the software you are using (you own the copyright).

  • Creating new services

    Using a combination of different code snippets You can easily create new services and turn your idea into a source of income.

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