About PieceX

Welcome to the world of PieceX.

PieceX is a platform where developers can sell and buy source code.

PieceX is made for talented peoples willing to make there skills available for everyone and for creative peoples looking for competences they don’t have to complete there projects.

With PieceX you will be able to:

・Shorten your development time:

During your development, if you’re facing an issue and are unable to solve it by yourself, don't lose more time looking for unadapted, incomplete answers on internet: find a ready-to-use project to merge with yours on PieceX!

・ Reduce your project cost:

You don’t have any available resource in your team to implement the new feature you would like to add to your project? Just look for this missing part on PieceX instead of hiring a new developer!

・Easily create new services:

I have ideas but no ICT knowledge, and no engineer with enough experiences to help me with it. The adoption of a skilled person will take both time cost... 。

・ Turn your money into a source of income:

You love software development and you build small applications as your hobby: earn pocket money from it by publishing your work on PieceX!

・Develop software applications even if it’s not your specialty:

You’re in an hardware development team, and you would like to develop the software to drive your product on your own but you don’t have the skills to do it: Take a look on PieceX, and find what you need!

PieceX aims to be the source code platform, in term of not just quantity but also quality.

Please contribute with posting you high quality work, or enjoy picking the missing PieceX for your project!

For the developers posting source code on PieceX:

Please post source code within your area of expertise to ensure high quality work.
Please make your code clean, well commented and documented so it will be easy for anyone to understand it and re-use it.

The price you applied when posting will automatically fluctuate regarding the rating and popularity of your code.

The source code you sell on PieceX can be freely used buy the buyer, even for a commercial use. For more details, please refer to the license page.

For the developers buying source code on PieceX:

When buying source code on PieceX, you can either integrate it in your project with no modification or tune it to fit your needs.

Any source code bought on PieceX can be freely used, even for commercial purpose. However, the seller’s copyright remains if the code is not modified or integrated in a project, so you’re not allowed to directly resale it on anywhere with no modifications. For more details, please refer to the license page.

After buying source code on PieceX, please review it to let us and the other users know about it’s quality and value for money, so the quality of the source code on PieceX will continue to increase!

With the help and contribution of everyone, we’ll become a better service!

PieceX Management Team