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Hobbies Social Media Flutter Template UI Kits

Features: 1. Intro (Boarding) Screen 2. Account Management. 3. Sign In, Sign Up, Forgot Password, Login with Phone 4. HomePage (User Profile, Best Popular, My Hobby, Following, Latest Post, 5. FloatingButton HomePage is Share A Post (new post) 6. Category Grid Screen 7. Search Page (with suggestion list, and latest post) 8. My Hobby Category Grid Screen 9. Following Detail Grid Screen 4 columns 10. Latest Detail Listview with Complex UI 11. Like, Comment, Download, Peoples interest circular stack. 12. Dual Language (Indonesia, English), easy to customize 13. Dual Theme, Dark and Light Theme 14. Favorite, Posts StaggeredGrid Screen 15. Update Profile, Photo Picker 16. Follow, UnFollow 17. Join, UnJoin (Leave) 18. PhotoView zoom and write a comment 19. Find More, Read More, Animation FadeUp 20. Post by Category, Profile Members Page etc… Requirement: 1. Flutter Framework 2. Visual Studio Code 3. A Brain to Think 4. Just extract zip main file, open VS and run command: flutter clean

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My Book app Make your own iOS app using Swift and Core Data

- A simple, minimal book app that lets you read through the chapters of a book - Fully customizable i.e replace the JSON in the code with any HTML and your book is ready to read - Has highlight and bookmark functionality - Uses Core Data - Uses UITableViewDiffableDataSource & shows how to use trailingSwipeActionsConfigurationForRowAt delegate method - Implements a custom font (the app uses Georgia) - Shows how to open a share sheet - Shows techniques for asking user reviews through Apple's requestReview methods - Supports Dynamic Text Type & VoiceOver operations - Tested on Xcode 12.4 - Works on iOS 14 and has a minimum deployment target of iOS 13

added by thekavisha


Easy to use and quickly save and share, you can manager saved photo with many functions as editor, delete, sticker, view detail, etc. Design in png.

added by vorahari238114


Decorate your photos with these incredible frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you can save the photo, share with friends or upload to social networks platform etc ... Design in png.

added by vorahari238114

News Live Flutter App With Admin Panel

News Live Flutter App With Admin Panel Descriptions: News Live is complete news app with admin panel which is developed on Flutter framework developed by Google. Features: Beautiful Sign In Sign Up With Admin Panel(FireBase) User Registration, Login, Reset Password, OTP Validations Beautiful UI TabBar with News Categories Made with Flutter and Dart Beautiful view Watch the live broadcast news channels on Youtube Interactive and beautiful user interface Select Countries for news any country in the world Top-Headlines important news in the world Save Articles to read later inside app SqlfLite Share News on any apps like(facebook, twitter,... ) Easy using Search feature Clean code comments in all code Top quality clean code Compatible with devices Ios Android Bookmark feature Backend: Firebase , Sqlflite Complete App Deep link support State Management : Provider Well documented                         - Link preview video youtube here

added by sayedMAly

HotelPro Flutter Template UI Kits Apps

Lite, smooth state management. Over 30 more screens for hotel booking concept.

added by erhacorpdotcom

MyFinanceMate Live on App Store

MyFinanceMate Live on App Store My finance mate is about storing the incomes, expenses of the user and it also has a special feature to scan the barcodes and store them on the mobile app.This application will be useful for beginner programmers who want to engage with a realtime application. Main features involveA simple Personal budgeting app for your daily need, features include - expenses and income storing - almost capable to scan all the barcodes and save them - simple settings - passcode enabled highly secured - Simple UI

added by suryareddyc1

Inflate Balloon iOS Source Code

In order to win and go to next level challenge and enjoying . You will inflate the balloon to the given percentage number sat running your two finger on the device screen when the balloon percentage number match to the given number then leave the screen at that matched point in order to win other wise balloon will burst if you increase balloon percentage number than given percentage number and so you will be failed.

added by umersufy269887

iOS Recipe Template App Swift MVVM Only mock data and UI Code

The design is perfectly nice for beginner, easy to navigate and understand. Follow apple guideline and easy to customisable.

added by michael 194389

Single restaurant iOS food ordering app with Delivery Boy and Admin Panel

Single restaurant iOS food ordering app with Delivery Boy and Admin Panel Single restaurant food ordering app with Driver App Restaurant food ordering iPhone Mobile app is a catalyst for the food industry. The app lets you (a restaurateur) connect with the customers who wish to either get food delivered or pick-up food.



DailyQuizzes iOS Completed template

Completed and working app template with Two Quizzes: Introduction screen with greeting label and start buttons Four questions: 3 with single answer buttons, 1 for multiple answers Ten questions: 8 with single answer buttons, 1 for multiple answers, 1 for ranged answer Display progress for both Results Screen displaying Score (text or number) and Description   Quick and simple adjusting: add/remove questions, answers and result description. This solution is best for you

added by ViktorGolubenkov

WorldOwnerApp iOS ecommerce

WorldOwnerApp iOS ecommerce World Owner Shop is a native iOS e-commerce app written in Swift 5. Buyers can pay using Stripe payment.

added by WorldApp


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