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Enatega Complete Food Delivery App

Enatega is a complete white label on-demand food delivery solution just like Ubereats, Foodpanda, Swiggy or JustEat. The source code includes complete documentation and a completely separate analytics Dashboard using Amplitude. It is Ninjas Code flagship product and the team keeps thoroughly updated and we keep building new features. We provide customization services as well so you don't have to build from scratch and can easily launch your food delivery startup with us.

added by Ninjas Code

OwnStore Setup your own online store instantly

Do you need an online store for your business, but with complete ownership and no third-party or platform dependency, just like your own codebase? We got you covered. What is OwnStore? An end-to-end e-commerce solution that can be configured according to your business needs. To simply put, you will receive a set of configurable projects to set up your online store. Learn more here: With detailed docs, your store will be up and running instantly. Also, we're here to help you with any queries. For lifetime :)

added by takkar

image to OCR Optical Character Recognition

This project performs Optical Character Recognition on image and prints selectable, editable text in console and response of api.

added by Ranjeet Gautam

Meraki HRM System

Meraki Hrm is a simple web app to manage your company's HR department. This app was being built using React JS, Node JS, and Mongo DB. Make sure you are aware of it. Installation instructions have been included in the project folder. This project includes frontend folder master and backend master.

added by damayart313833

Platform for remote job hunting

Product features User panel Company panel Add jobs to favorites (for user role) Apply jobs (for user role) Create new job (for company role) See the applicants (for company role) Role authentication Approve users/companies with email authentication Responsive theme Update photos/details in user and company panel

added by alex42q

Node JS Student Management System with exam taking feature and more

It has... 1. Sign up + Login feature 2. Separate Admin panel 3. Separate Author panel 4. Separate panel for students 5. Exam creation and checking answers of students and giving marks based on answers. 6. Can create exam for specific class / section . 7. Live class scheduling. 8. Live class via zoom. 9. Students notify in every live class. 10. Countdown timer before live class

added by Ripon876

Crypton p2p cryptocurrency exchange

Admin panel, light and dark theme, Multiple currencies, Easily customizable, Quick support fully responsive,

added by SteveYout8619


ClixMania ClixMania is photo contest application where admin can create , run and manage photo competition and participant can vote and submit his entry to the contest. You may use it to create a contest for modelling, a photography contest, logo or banner contest, a hot or not contest or any kind of contest you have in mind. Of course your users might be in the field using a tablet, or a smartphone and you want assurance that your competition will meet those demands too. Features include Unique ID for each voteJavascriptUser IDCookiesEmail confirmationDisposable email domain checkerEncrypted (Hashed) data etc...

added by pralayas752186

Chat room website

Chat room website Thanks for landing at my service . It is my pleasure to serve you.I have complete dating website script with chatroom below in screenshot . If you want redesign or any special requirements or need new custom website , contact me .Fectures Of This Website Awesome Responsive Landing Page for registration login : Allow Guests to login as guest : Profile Edit Page : View User profile page : Search Members page : Friends List Page : Newly_Register People page: Control panel For Owner/admin Private Message page : Owner/admin/moderators/gold/vip members level with their badges: Fast And Live chatroom with pm option in room: Kick Banned Power for owner/admin/moderators: Send Youtube video/voice records In chatroom: Clear Chatroom Messages History : Track User ips Demo complete sources zip file download

added by chatblin113876

Xsportz React Redux Full Frontend

Xsportz React Redux Full Frontend Redsportz - React,Redux Full Frontend Link : is a webapp containing full react redux code and frontend design . Redux helps you deal with shared state management, but like any tool, it has tradeoffs. It s a trade-off between short term and long term productivity.Redux Toolkit is our recommended approach for writing Redux logic. It contains packages and functions that we think are essential for building a Redux app.

added by abhishekzambare

Getlink Mixdrop co and Fembed

Getlink Mixdrop co and Fembed Getlink and Fembed This is just the solution to the challenge Demo:

added by thandieu13

Three Card Game

Just copy project. Npm install.

added by hmasad09596590


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