Datoo Dot Random Video Call With People Web RTC Base

APPLICATION FEATURES - Social Sign-in options using Google auth (Firebase) - Select your Profile - Get Free coins as the first registration bonus (500 Coins) - Reward Ads - Real user that added to the firebase - WebRtc base own video calling server so you should use it 100% free e.g no third-party paid subscription is needed.

added by owaiskha356582

Ecommerce android app made in Unity 3d integrated with Firebase services

Ecommerce app integrated made in Unity3d with Firebase firestore cloud database, firebase cloud storage and firebase phone authentication. Cost effective as users data such as address are stored in frontend and only stored in database when user buys a product. Easy to get started and worked with Unity Created in Unity 3d

added by SimpleX

image to OCR Optical Character Recognition

This project performs Optical Character Recognition on image and prints selectable, editable text in console and response of api.

added by Ranjeet Gautam

ScanQuick QR Code Bar Code Scanner and Generator

QR code Generator QR code Scanner easily UPI Payment read and scanning Business Card Reader (Save information: Phone Number, Email and Website) Pick QR code images and display the result Send Email Send SMS Create URL/Link Add Contact.

added by codeelancer

Find My device Locate and check device s state

* How it Works: 1. Find My Device activates when SMS is received on the device. 2. It then checks if the SMS sender's contact matches with the database created by the user. 3. If contact number does match, then it checks for trigger word to reply with location and device state. 4. If trigger matches, then service collects data as follows: a) Device's current latitude and longitude. b) Network single area. c) Device is moving from one place or not. d) Device's facing direction. c) Internet connection. d) Battery status. e) etc. 5. Within 1s data is sent back to sender and device can be located (Considering all parameters are collected).

added by Aditya6838

Color Lines Green Theme Unity AdMob

- One touch controls - Endless puzzle game - Simple 2D graphics - Easy to reskin - Ready for release

added by NeonSpaceFighter

Golden Balls Unity Source Code With AdMob Ads

- One touch controls - Integrated AdMob ads - Simple 3D graphics - Easy to reskin - Ready for release

added by NeonSpaceFighter

Infinite line runner Unity Game With AdMob Ads

- One tap controls - Integrated AdMob ads - Simple 2D graphics - Easy to reskin - Ready for release.

added by NeonSpaceFighter

Flappy bird game

Design Details Node js, Reactjs, Javascript Requirements: Install the following in terminal npm install Process Details Go to the project folder and open in command prompt or terminal of VScode In the terminal type npm install (if node not installed ), cd Flappybird-react and npm start To restart the game, refresh the page. Backend: Node js V17

added by lyod kny060332

School Timetable generator NET based

this code handle the timetable generation issue for more details demo link more description

added by osamawbs

PDF Ebook Reader App Admin App Android Studio

User App Key Features: Offline Book Reading Favorite List Page Resume Bookmark Book Downloading Capture Book Page Screenshot Night Mode Reading Search Bar Book Categories Likes, Downloads, Share and Reader Counter Admob Ads and much more Admin App Key Features: add categories and books from the admin app delete categories and books from the admin app update categories and books from the admin app

added by quickstartapps

Auto Sync both Your Website and Facebook Page for Customers Reviews Reviewmonial

- Automatically Post Reviews to Facebook Page - Adaptive Design, Mimics Website CSS Style - Completely Cross Browser Support - Manage Reviews. Edit. Delete. Approve.

added by MusabShakeel


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