Dairi Haruka Touhou PSD to YMM Images Converter

日本語 ./ 実行することで、[00-def-psd], [00-sta-psd] フォルダにある psd ファイルから YMM に対応した画像フォルダ群を作成します。 English ./ This will create a group of YMM-compatible image folders from the psd files in the [00-def-psd] and [00-sta-psd] folders.

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Poster Maker Flyer Designer Ads Page Designer and Flyer Template With Name and Image Flyer Maker

- Huge collection of backgrounds - Choose color as background - Select your own picture from gallery as background - Add your text with poster design fonts - Add wonderful stickers (specially picked for poster making) - Add your pictures from gallery - Save on SD Card - Share on social media - Open the poster maker app - Find the perfect poster template - Customize your poster design - Get creative with more poster design elements - Save, share OR re-edit

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Auto Photo Mixer Photo Blender Photo Editor Multiple Photo Mixer Overlay Photo Maker Admob

- 50+ photo blending styles. - 10 three photo blending styles. - Add Text and sticker on the Photos. - Choose the different effect to apply on the photo. - More than 30+ blending effects. - Support move and pinch gestures to control the blending. - Square Photo. - Create square size photo with blur background. - Adjust blur level of the background. - Apply the pre stock background to the background. - Create photo in photo effect with 20 templates. - Apply effect for both front and back photos. - Get creative and mix photos together to create your own artistic graphic design. - Seamlessly merge photos with various blending modes. - A variety of real-time blend modes. - Easily adjust the blend mode for better effect. - Swipe to change the position of the background and foreground. - Erase unwanted part of image easily with erase tool. - Apply stunning filters. - Share with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & other social media.

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Images carousel for product cards

-no dependencies from external JS libraries, pure JS -works on all major web-browsers Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge... -easy adjustable with data attributes in HTML

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TexPress Text Compression

Written in Python 3.8 TexPress can compress files by upto 40% Built (.exe) version also included Built version is small in size (only 8 MB) compressed text is in the form of a compact .cta file Uses HCA and gammatical and word substitution

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Textile Android App

Textile Android App Textile Android App helps the textile business in maintaining their business records. You can create Bill, update the bill and delete the bill whenever required. You can also create a PDF document of Bill, in which all the challan attached to that bill will be added first in the PDF document after that bill will be added to the last page of the document. This app also contains the Customers section that will maintain all details related to your customers.

added by Areeb Momin


ClixMania ClixMania is photo contest application where admin can create , run and manage photo competition and participant can vote and submit his entry to the contest. You may use it to create a contest for modelling, a photography contest, logo or banner contest, a hot or not contest or any kind of contest you have in mind. Of course your users might be in the field using a tablet, or a smartphone and you want assurance that your competition will meet those demands too. Features include Unique ID for each voteJavascriptUser IDCookiesEmail confirmationDisposable email domain checkerEncrypted (Hashed) data etc...

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UWallpaper Your HD Wallpaper Flutter

You can save your favorite photo, searching by keyword, explore by Color tone as many more. Flawless layout, modern UI, and also Lite, smooth screen.

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Photo Effect

Photo Effect Photo Effect Editor is the best photo blender app which allows to blend two photos to create a double exposure effect Blend Photo Editor provides categorized blend effects like: Artistic, Space, Galaxy, Nature, City, Mountains, Colorful, Smoky Effect, Texture, Bokeh Light and more artful photo blend with multiple blend styles and pre-created previews to create perfect blend.

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Easy to use and quickly save and share, you can manager saved photo with many functions as editor, delete, sticker, view detail, etc. Design in png.

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Decorate your photos with these incredible frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you can save the photo, share with friends or upload to social networks platform etc ... Design in png.

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FunnyFacemaker Funny Face Maker app is easy to use and most amazing app for face Changing in ios market. Design in png.

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