Moxobi Sales and Purchases Management Laravel System

-Sales and purchases Add, edit and delete sales and purchases Download invoice Mark sales and purchases as paid or unpaid Define anterior date of sale and purchase Add note to the transaction -Customers and suppliers Add, edit and delete customers and suppliers Send emails to customers and suppliers with the possibility to attach an invoice Get the purchased amount, paid amount and due amount for each customer and supplier Get Estim. Of sales of each customer and supplier Overview of paid sales VS unpaid sales - paid purchases VS unpaid purchases for each customer and supplier -Product, categories and subcategories Add, edit and delete products, categories and subcategories Get statistics about each product: sold amount, purchased amount, sold quantity, purchased quantity and the Last 5 Sales and purchases that contain that product. -Users Add, edit and delete users and roles Get the last sales, purchases, products, customers and suppliers added by the user Assignee multiple roles to u

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Grocery Milk Subscription Complete Source Code with Firebase Backend

Admin can see the Total City, Total Banner, Total Category, Total Subcategory, Total Delivery Boy, Total Collection, Total Coupon, Total Products, Total Deliveries, Total Users, Total Normal Pending Order, Total Normal Cancelled Order, Total Normal Completed Order, Total Subscribe Pending Order, Total Subscribe Cancelled Order, Total Subscribe Completed Order, Total Normal Order Sales, Total Subscribe Order Sale Admin can create unlimited City with delivery charges Admin can create unlimited App home banners Admin can create unlimited Category with image Admin can create unlimited Sub Category with image Admin can create unlimited Product with Product Image, Product title, Product Discount, Product Status, City , Product Category , Product Subcategory , Product Variation, Product Price, Product Subscription Price Admin can create unlimited Collection with Collection Name, Collection Image, City, Collection Product, Collection Status Admin can create unlimited Deliveries(For subscriptio

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Hotel Booking Website

Best designed developed. This template contains about us, home, rooms, galleries, quereies, room booking facilities, header, footer, subscriber form .

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Car Rental Website

Features : Login/Register System. Easy Bookings. Create/Manage Brands. Post/Manage Vehicle. Manage Bookings, Testimonials, Contact Queries, Pages.

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QR Code Generator

Now, it has found its way into mobile marketing with the widespread adoption of smartphones. They are gaining popularity because of their versatility.

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Simple Hotel Booking System

Simple Hotel Booking System language used: html, css , bootstrap4 php , mysqlmodules: useradmindescription:user can book room in hotel.Admin have permissions to see the room reservation in hotel by user.For booking rooms user have to create username and password.without this user cannot acess the reservation of page.Info: A hotel reservation system works by processing secure online reservations made through a hotel s website. ... To sell rooms to capacity and to appeal to a global audience, a hotel reservation system is required.

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QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator written in C this is a simple app but very useful in different sectors, contains a textbox, a button and an image viewer, This simple app asks to enter a text, which can be plain text or a link, which at the click of the button is transformed into a QR code, simple to use and understand ... to generate the qr code, this app uses openAPI, a free service that serves to generate the qr code, This app is a windows form app, o Win32, the design contains a textbox, a button and an image viewer,

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Voice Changer

The COVID-19 epidemic has covered the whole world, affecting every aspect of human life around the world. Listening to the familiar voice of someone you love can bring out the strongest emotions, motivating people to act for the good of society.

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QR Code generator with logo

You can also put the logo (.png  only) if you want.its a optional Requirement :      ---- XAMP / WAMP  --- latest web browser --- php 5x PROCESS   : -- Insert the text which you want to generate for QR-Code -- select logo (.png only ) optional--Click on the generate button.--Output QR-Code is generated and you can also download it. DEMO URL : http://luckyprasad.in/myqr/

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QR Code Scanner Generator

QR Code Scanner Generator QR code Scanner - Generator is the fastest QR scanner app for Android in the Google play store to scan QR code for Android device. Also, Application have functionality to share created QR Code with others.

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USB OTG File Manager

Its easy to copy files from any USB mass storage device to your Android Phone, Tablet but best USB OTG File Manager allows you to open and copy files from any USB mass storage device with a FAT32 or NTFS file system using the USB OTG port of your device, tablet or phone. Demo APK Features of App:- You can manage all music and sound related files like mp3,ogg,mp4,wma etc; Its support application management like Uninstall applications, delete application and manage application like system app and user install app. OTG File Explorer support connect applications to Computer and You can access remote or shared storage like NAS and FTP server. You can manage all document files in your device like pdf, ppt, dos etc; You can manage all video files in your device like mp4,mpeg,avi,etc;

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Barcode scanner and QR code generator for Android with Admob

There is an easy toggle button into the input panel to change the type of output. User can save and share generated QR or bar code as an image.Scanner dynamically detect content type within a single panel without toggling camera view. User will be able to toggle camera flash, auto focus by semitransparent on screen button on the camera view. Also switching camera between front and rear camera is that much easy from the same button group.If you want to start your own QR code scanner and generator app with Admob ads.This app make with Android Studio.Easy to re-skinDemo apkFeature list:Scan QR codeScan Bar codeDelete result historyOpen native app for web, YouTube, email and phoneCopy result to clipboardSearch result to webShare result textNavigate web URL from scanned resultDescent material UI and smooth performanceSupport multiple typeToggle camera, flash and focusAuto type detectionGenerate QR codeGenerate Bar codeKeep result history

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