MyTenants Web Application

Key Highlights MyTenants website is created to help you and your real estate to follow your tenant's monthly bills and monthly payments with all statistics with profit and monthly costs Operations Operations of MyTenants business will be based on people who have real estate and rent them, then MyTenants is coming as handy help for them to help them to follow all their tenants, and for MyTenats services the landlords will be charged on a monthly basis. Customers MyTenants application is a very new application without any marketing and for now, the application doesn't have any customers. Financials The application is created as a final project for IT school, the application doesn't have any financial support. Additional Notes The application is created as a final project for IT school, and I see the potential for this application to grow, with the right marketing for the application and people who will work on this application to grow!

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Hospital Management software

Pharmacist Manage Supplier Manage Stocks Manage Schedule Sell Items(Medicinal Drugs/Equipment) Nurse Yard Manage Checkups Manage Appointments Manage Patients Cashier Manage Transaction Manage Appointments Doctor Manage Consultation Manage Appointment View Patient Records Administrator As I have said earlier, the admin has full control of the system which means the Admin can manage all of the above including the ff: Manage Employee List Manage Users Manage Department Backup Database

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T Travel Agency React Tailwindcss styled components

react js tailwindcss styled-components postcss react-icons react-rating-stars-componen react-responsive react-reveal react-slick slick-carousel twin macro heroicons-react autoprefixer AOS - animate on scroll library

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Medical Appointment Booking System in CodeIgniter

This is the Medical Appointment & Booking System for small ,medium & large company(Extended Version). In this Medical Appointment & Booking System 1.Member/Patient part Login,register and Book a slot After login they can see dashboard with calendar They can book a slot from available time Previous booked slot will be disabled They can edit their Profile 2.Doctor part Doctor will login and will see dashboard with calendar They can see their own appointment They will edit this They can deleete this 3.Admin part Admin can see all data

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Task and booking management system

This is the Task management system for small ,medium & large company(Extended Version). In this Task management system Customer will register and login and will create a booking schedule.They can also book direct to admin by phone call. Admin will create a book with customer information and with service name and will set date time. There are list of services and its cost,customer list,start date & time and end date and time and worker. Dashboard: After login You can see Dashboard with the current status of services,customers and customers services.They can see the data on full calendar Services: You will have services name and its cost Customer Services: Service name,cost from related service ,customer info,start date time,end date time Report: You will get total cost in summary and in details between date duration 

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Angular Booking System Appointment Scheduling

* Allow your customers book their attendance through a nice front-end system. * Keep your customers and employees notified and reminded of their appointments in realtime with E-mail notifications. * Customers can cancel their own appointments. * Custom working hours and days off. * Unavailabilities support – configure specific dates or date ranges for unavailability. * Configurable services and service categories. * Customizable emails sent to you and your customers. * Real-Time data and UI updates. * Front-end and admin are both fully responsive.

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Carent Rent A Car Flutter Apps

Main Features: 1. Sign-in & Sign-up User (Customer or Owner Registration) 2. Login using PhoneNumber & Password. 3. Have 4 (four) Tabs, Homepage, Recent, Chat, Profile. 4. Homepage (Searching car, Slider Ads, Category, Latest, Owner, Popular rental content) 5. Homepage also have two buttons at the top, Favorites and Alert Notifications 6. Recent page is transaction history rental car. (Section Active & Done) 7. Chat page is chat history between Owner & Customer (Section Rental & Friend), text and image content. 8. Profile page is user profile (Customer or Owner profile), update profile, change photo profile and so on.. 9. Detail car page, button Like/Dislike (Favorite) - Customer only. 10. Book page (add new rent car for Customer only) 11. Firebase authentication, messaging, cloud firestore , storage, push notification ready (rental transaction and also new message chat) 12. AdMob Google ready (monetize apps) - freemium.

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Tourism Website

Great looking and responsive compatible with phones. Used best Frameworks like Bootstrap and Django. Have Great security. Nice Interface.

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Neumorphic Restaurant booking

Neumorphic Restaurant booking This Neumorphic Restaurant booking management system includes two applications i.e. End user and Restaurant vendor.This project is integrated with Firebase authentication, Cloud Firestore and Firebase Storage with RazorPay payment. End user application has alert for upcoming bookings on the booking day.Screens includes:Login pageRegister pageForgot password pageDashboard pageBooking details pageAll bookings pageProfile pageRestarurant Details pageBooking pagePayment pageAdd item to onging bookings pageAdd/Edit category and menu page (Vendor App)Add/Edit Table page  (Vendor App) Bookings details page  (Vendor App) I am provided the full source code. You can contact me if you want any help or support about the code or if you want to make some changes to code or the app.

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E Commerce Website

E Commerce Website Shopapp is a E-commerce website, created by using Django web framework, javascript, jQuery, Ajax and bootstrap.For running this project using python runserver Built With Django ( - Backend Framework jQuery ( - Frontend Javascript library jQuery-Ajax ( Bootstrap ( - Frontend Framework PayTM ( - PayTm Payment Gateway Integration JavaScript- Client-Side Script language

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Online Courier Delivery Management System in PHP MySQL

As soon as they sumit form a user will be created and they will receive an email with login credential to login into member panel. Front End : if any sub folder your-folder-name Admin Section : if any sub folder your-folder-name /index.php/admin/login Dashboard:After login You can see Dashboard with the current status of users,shipment,ticketMaterial Used:HTML,CSS,JS PHP 5.6 CodeIgniter 3.1.11 Framewok MYSQL 5.6 Settings installation guideMYSQL:Database: The database and its tables is in zip folder.In PhpMyAdmin make a database name and click browse and select .sql file from unzipped folder and after submitting You can see all the tables there.PHP:config.php: Path : application/config/config.php Enter your domain name here example : http://www.example.comdatabase.php: Path : application/config/database.php Enter your database name,username passwordOperate

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There s no login system for this project.This is a simple management system build project in C for booking room in the hotel and can update room status too from booked to vacant. Moreover, the user can add the room s data, view a list of rooms, modify, and remove booking details.

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