Flutter grocery banking app driver app and php dashboard

Grocery, Food, Pharmacy, Store Delivery Mobile App with Admin Panel Launch your own grocery, food, pharmacy, store delivery app with a complete dashboard. This is a complete end-to-end solution for launching your own full delivery app. It includes an end user app from which the end users can place an order for products and it includes an admin panel for store owners to accept or manage orders and improve their business. This solution is ideal for anyone who wants to start a product delivery app business. Items Included Following items are included in this solution: Customer Mobile App Source Code (based on Flutter Framework) Backend Web Admin Panel Source Code (based on PHP Laravel Framework) About the Technologies DART – FLUTTER Flutter is an open source framework that is created by Google for mobile application development. Using this framework, apps can be developed for both Android and iOS Devices. PHP – LARAVEL Laravel is a PHP framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’v

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Complete Income and Expense Tracker System using PHP and MySQL

Incomes: Income module allows users to keep track of their incomes. Incomes can be sorted in groups. We also capture the account which the income went to for easy accounting. Expenses: Expenses module allows users to keep track of their expenses by recording each and every expense. The expenses are grouped into categories and also keep track of which account the expense was paid from and calculate the balance. Budget: budgeting module is one of a kind. This feature allows users to set a limit or expected monthly spending, expected monthly earning and expected monthly saving. After that user can then distribute the planned spending amount to different categories. It’s pretty cool :) Accounts: accounts keeps track of your balances in cash,card, bank or e-wallet. We do this by letting you create an account and enter the available balance. After that, any transactions done with that account will be calculated in order to keep your account balance up to date. Overview: This is the summary o

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Blueroll Payroll and Loan Management System

Blueroll Payroll ✓ Employee Self-Service ✓ Generate Bulk Payroll ✓ Members Categories/Grades Definition ✓ Member Excel Data Upload ✓ Document Bay ✓ Pay Element definition ✓ Tax Configuration ✓ Tax Reports ✓ Pension Report ✓ Employee Personalized Pay Element ✓ Duration based Prorated Computations Blueroll Loans Management ✓ Loan Definition ✓ Loan Status Report ✓ Loan Request Management ✓ Loan Approval and Declining ✓ Electonic Loan Agreement Signing ✓ Chat driven Loan Negotiation ✓ Loan Advertisement on Blueroll Market Arena ✓ Loan Documents Submission ✓ Loan Agreement Signing ✓ Notifications ✓ Loan TopUp ✓ Document Bay ✓ Loan Settlement ✓ Self-Service ✓ Inflation Protection/Salary Increment ✓ Upfront/Bulk Payment Processing ✓ Payroll Approval Workflow ✓ Maker/Checker Feature ✓ Salary Advance ✓ Tax Payroll Gross ✓ Tax specific Pay Elements

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The Project was created in Visual Basic 20012, MS SQL SERVER. This project will run on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating System.

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K Loans

FEATURES 1. Single click installation 2. AJAX based 3. Support bootstrap 3.x 4. Friendly User Interface 5. Manage Borrowers Personal/Financial information Add/Remove or search borrower fast can upload Borrower’s photo Can import/upload Borrower(s) from CSV/Excel 6. Manage different kinds of Loans can set terms, interest rate, schedule of payments etc. 7. Loan servicing Add new loan application Search loans fast Automatically determines matured and overdue Debts Print Payment Schedule in PDF format Print Disclosure in PDF format Support Multiple loans for one borrower 8. Manage and Receive Payments Simple and easy to add new payments Can check borrower’s debt balance instantly 9. Manage Employees access level and information Add/remove employee can upload employee photo 10. Easy Company Setup 11. Multi currency support 12. Email Templating 13. Email Messaging support 14. Support different timezone

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Admin panel, light and dark theme, Multiple currencies, Easily customizable, Quick support fully responsive,

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Flutter Point of Sale With Finance and Dashboard

- Flutter: The app is developed in Flutter and, in this way, will be able to run on different platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS and for the Web. In this Beta phase we are doing tests on Windows and Android. - SQLite: The app is single user and works with a local database. The database chosen for this purpose was SQLite. - Moor: To facilitate the use of the SQLite database we use the ORM Moor - Barcode Scanner: Package used to scan the barcode of products using the cell phone camera. - Flutter Bootstrap: Package used to facilitate the creation of responsive layouts. - Priting: Package used to create amazing reports with Widgets with option to print and share PDF file. - Flutter Masked Text: Package used to create input widget with masks defined by the developer. - Bottom Reveal: Package used to reveal the bottom part of the screen in an animated way. - Flutter Sparkline: Package used to generate a simple sales graph on the Dashboard screen. - Awesome Dialog: Package used

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MManager Money Manager Flutter Apps with API Admin Panel Backend

Main Feature: 1. Comprehensive dashboard for your money management, personal finance 2. Intro Screen, 3 on-boarding pages, swipe left-right. 3. Using local Sqlite Manageable 4. Add/Update/Delete income with note and category 5. Add/Update/Delete expense with note and category 6. 27+ Expense categories 7. 10+ Income categories 8. Overview report period (Weeks, Monthly, 3Months) 9. Support dual currency (IDR, USD), easy to customize 10. Simply Account Membership 11. Feedback page for user comment 12. Google Admob Integrated 13. Broadcast Push Notification FCM 14. With API Restful JSON Backend (PHP7, Code Igniter, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin) 15. With API Restful JSON ready to connect to other development platforms based. 16. With Simply Dashboard Admin Panel (Bootstrap, HTML, CSS3, jQuery) 17. GetX flutter plugins - Fast, Stable, Extra-Light & Powerful StateManagement 18. Almost 99% Stateless Widget 19. Easy to re-skin and customize 20. Flutter Version 2x (null safety) 21. Email support: erhaco

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Complete Inventory Accounting Source Code with GST Billing

The Project was created in Visual Basic 2008. This project will run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating System. You can correct all reports and make many new ones.

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HERMEX Crypto Currency Trading Bot

HERMEX is a new crypto currency trading bot supporting numerous exchanges via API and all kinds of pairs that are supported by those exchanges.

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Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Application

- Lists of indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks and ETF's - Very clean design - Fully customizable - Very easy to maintain - Only requires an API key, which can be created for free - Very clean code (NO compiler warnings or errors) - Code is fully documented in Javadoc - Creates an individual chart page with all important values for each share

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ERP CRM UVC Sterilization Platform

Fully functional Admin site built with C# .Net, designed to run on Azure Web Apps. Provides an interface to run every aspect of the business, from devices to locations, invoices to reporting, everything is included. Customer facing mobile app used to schedule and pay for service written in Dart/Flutter, ready to be branded and deployed to the app store. Customer facing OEM app used to control remote devices. Fully functional IoT hardware design. Currently written with C# .Net Core, designed to run on Raspberry Pi, and registered with Azure IoT Platform. This is a complete turnkey solution that is production ready as is.

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