Pixel Font Maker

English . /convert.bat Running convert.bat will execute . /script/ . . /script/ Converts pixel-font-img in the [font-img] folder to font-svg. The converted font-svg will be output to the [font-svg] folder. . . /font-img/*.json Font image configuration file. 日本語 ./convert.bat convert.bat を実行することで、./script/ を実行します。 ./script/ [font-img] フォルダーにある pixel-font-img を font-svg に変換します。 変換された font-svg は [font-svg] フォルダーに出力されます。 ./font-img/*.json フォント画像の設定ファイル。

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YMM4 Files Name Converter

日本語 ./ 実行することで、nicotalk からダウンロードできるゆっくり素材の目や口の画像を YMM3 -> YMM4 に対応させるプログラムです。 English ./ This is a program that can be run to make the eye and mouth images of the slow material available for download from nicotalk compatible with YMM3 -> YMM4.

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Dairi Haruka Touhou PSD to YMM Images Converter

日本語 ./ 実行することで、[00-def-psd], [00-sta-psd] フォルダにある psd ファイルから YMM に対応した画像フォルダ群を作成します。 English ./ This will create a group of YMM-compatible image folders from the psd files in the [00-def-psd] and [00-sta-psd] folders.

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Poster Maker Flyer Designer Ads Page Designer and Flyer Template With Name and Image Flyer Maker

- Huge collection of backgrounds - Choose color as background - Select your own picture from gallery as background - Add your text with poster design fonts - Add wonderful stickers (specially picked for poster making) - Add your pictures from gallery - Save on SD Card - Share on social media - Open the poster maker app - Find the perfect poster template - Customize your poster design - Get creative with more poster design elements - Save, share OR re-edit

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Loud Speaker Booster Super High Volume Booster Extra Volume Booster Sound Amplifier 3D Android

- Music equalizer with different sound level and frequency - Volume booster pro for headphones & external speaker & bluetooth - Stereo surround sound effects - 3D Virtualizer effect - The ultimate music booster and music amplifier - Boost your music vol with just one tap - Boost music vol through your headphone or speakers - Increase your voice call audio - No root required - Simple to increase the music high volume and boost level - Feel the bass! - Gain full control of your music player equalizer - Turn your simple boom into a super massive woofer - Take your speaker to the extreme - Beautiful and simple interface - User-friendly operation - No root required

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Auto Photo Mixer Photo Blender Photo Editor Multiple Photo Mixer Overlay Photo Maker Admob

- 50+ photo blending styles. - 10 three photo blending styles. - Add Text and sticker on the Photos. - Choose the different effect to apply on the photo. - More than 30+ blending effects. - Support move and pinch gestures to control the blending. - Square Photo. - Create square size photo with blur background. - Adjust blur level of the background. - Apply the pre stock background to the background. - Create photo in photo effect with 20 templates. - Apply effect for both front and back photos. - Get creative and mix photos together to create your own artistic graphic design. - Seamlessly merge photos with various blending modes. - A variety of real-time blend modes. - Easily adjust the blend mode for better effect. - Swipe to change the position of the background and foreground. - Erase unwanted part of image easily with erase tool. - Apply stunning filters. - Share with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & other social media.

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Clarion Social Network Data Scraper Pro

Amazing Features Full source code Social Network Data Scraper Pro Installation file Extract phone number Extract Name Extract email Extract website Extract address Extract Description Extract Position Extract Company exprot to cvs exprot to Excel Very easy to use,for non-developer/developer More….

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Asp Net Social Sharing Web Application Source Code

Photos – Add your item’s images and share with others Profile – Create your profile and add details about you. Friends – Create your social network and follow others Categories – Easily browse your and your friends sharings. And you can categorise your sharings easily. Follow – You can follow other users and their sharings Shopping Items – If you want to share an shopping item with link you can do this easily.

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Social Media 365

365 Day Social Media Calendar 80+ Business Categories 30+ Creative Frames 100+ Unique Designs Multi Language Set Festival dates Creative your own personalized designs Make your Design in 30 Seconds

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AutoBackup Software

* Multiple backup tasks can be scheduled * Each task can be set to a unique location * Automatic update on new version release * Silent background run * Full Source Code * Network paths supported * Regular updates

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URL shortener in Django

1. User Authentication ( signup, login, resetpasword, forgot password ) 2. Shorten URL 3. Booomark URL

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Paybills Mobile Recharge And Bill Payment System

Email Notifications. Multiple Automatic Deposit Methods Stripe, PayPal, Flutterwave, Payzoft, Paystack can add more in request Bank Manual Deposit System. Mobile Money All Transaction History User Friendly SEO & Friendly URL Site Map Included txt Included Airtime Recharge Internet Data Cable Tv Subscription Electricity Bill Payment Other bills services Unlimited bill payment Send mail to users KYC Verification (Validation) Admin can reject documents Admin can approve documents Id card uploader Email users upon account Verification Referral program Android/IOS app Ready ( Selling Seperatly Mobile Based / Bootstrap Responsive Design Transaction Reference Number Admin can send email to all Registered users And much more….. Try our demo Front-end Demo Home Page : Login Link : Email : userdemo@g

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