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Fintech Digital Ledger

Fully optimized code ready to launch in production. Uses latest API of android framework. Designed for latest version of android and compatible back to android version 4.2

added by aniljhajharia

Payinvest Savings And Investment WebApp Software

Features Integrated - Modern, Friendly, Responsive User Interface, - KYC verification - Supports any livechat service working with JavaScript Sniping . - Accurate Return on Investment Calculator for Standard investment - Next Settlement – Extends pending payouts - Most Popular plan, Recommends the most popular standard investment plan to clients - Standard Investment is independent of plan changes - Recaptcha by Google - Automated Emails - Works with any email service – Well Documentation - Two Factor Authentication - Referrals system for standard investment and project investment - Pending Coinbase & Coinpayment Transaction is confirmed with API pooling, no need to stress your self to approve the pending transaction - Supports Bank Transfer - Over 12 Payment Gateways

added by itechsoft

Crypton p2p cryptocurrency exchange

Admin panel, light and dark theme, Multiple currencies, Easily customizable, Quick support fully responsive,

added by SteveYout8619

HERMEX Crypto Currency Trading Bot

HERMEX is a new crypto currency trading bot supporting numerous exchanges via API and all kinds of pairs that are supported by those exchanges.

added by Smartify

Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Application

- Lists of indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks and ETF's - Very clean design - Fully customizable - Very easy to maintain - Only requires an API key, which can be created for free - Very clean code (NO compiler warnings or errors) - Code is fully documented in Javadoc - Creates an individual chart page with all important values for each share

added by JTApplications

Crypto Casino Crash Mines Dice and much more

We always provide source code. These "services that will setup everything for you" are going to provide you a server which you won't have access to. It's a scam.

added by swmzlb

Money Management Android App

- Contains a detailed PDF file with instructions to monetize the app with your data and get it release-ready - AdMob is integrated (6 different ad sections) - In-App Purchases are integrated - No running costs - Clean & easy-to-understand source code + documentation - Made for anybody of any age - No servers are used - Localized for multiple countries - High revenue potential - Includes an app widget, which gives the user a general financial overview

added by JTApplications


In this app, the user can select the unit of currency for converting and enter the amount to convert, then see the result of the conversion. The app also includes a manifest file allowing the app to work offline.

added by cherdev

MyFinanceMate Live on App Store

MyFinanceMate Live on App Store My finance mate is about storing the incomes, expenses of the user and it also has a special feature to scan the barcodes and store them on the mobile app.This application will be useful for beginner programmers who want to engage with a realtime application. Main features involveA simple Personal budgeting app for your daily need, features include - expenses and income storing - almost capable to scan all the barcodes and save them - simple settings - passcode enabled highly secured - Simple UI

added by suryareddyc1

Cryptomania Crypto Exchange Pro

All the codes supported by laravel and php will also work here. It is a trading platform to build a super fast cryptocurrency trading platform for business Features Coinpayments Coin Api Integrated BTC node Integrated Exchange Scroller Instant Payment notice (IPN) Ready Unlimited Coin adding ability Unlimited Coin Pair Creation CryptoCoin Creation Withdrawal and deposit histories Wallet report Order report Buy, Sell, Stop Limit Live candlestick chart Moving average lines Live MACD Graph Exchange report Google 2FA Authentication Google Recaptcha ID verification Detail admin report Dynamic role management system Dynamic navigation system Admin and User notification Mobile Ready Ultra Fast Trading Algorithm Easy to go User Experience Requirements Linux Server (Preferred Ubuntu 18.04) RAM 4GB Space 40GB Php 7.2 PHP extension OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension

added by codemenorg




Next we can take then private key and a hash value, and covert it into a useable Bitcoin address, such as: 1GuCQS5Dja7fYahLD5BrxPWVMYFLBDaFsd The format of the keys is defined below, where we create a 256-bit private key and convert this to a WiF private key. Next we generate a 512-bit public key, and then take a 160-bit RIPEM-160 hash and convert to a Bitcoin address: Usage: Python3: cd RBW-Ruby-bitcoin-wallet pip3 install -r requirements.txt python3 Sample: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wallet: Name: test Surname: test Username: test e-mail: test Birth date: 11.11.1984 Password: testing Address: 1Q2tdWVGzdNNVeKq6mNY4XNn5Pum3ANFZ5 Privatekey: f043ed808df475acc29ca5ced5347cadbddab157f10b4b2b04eb0cf6d881cca3 Publickey: 04908868764da5f1bd699d0ce157498d7966c384bb6e77c263993b08d7139d08ee3e3ec93a4a65d6664a0a5165c528b871

added by AdrijanPetek3550

finance banker website template

finance banker website template arokurd finance / Banker, hence the name, is a free banking website template design with a modern and very eye-catchy design. Also, with Banker, you get to establish a one-page website, offering everyone to learn all about your business in just a few scrolls. In short, the experience will be first-class, and that is a guarantee.Banker comes with a full-screen banner, text slider, sticky navigation, on scroll content loading, filterable portfolio and pricing tables. You will also find a multi-level drop-down menu, blog section, functional contact form and social media icons.

added by AroKurd1777


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