Poster Maker Flyer Designer Ads Page Designer and Flyer Template With Name and Image Flyer Maker

- Huge collection of backgrounds - Choose color as background - Select your own picture from gallery as background - Add your text with poster design fonts - Add wonderful stickers (specially picked for poster making) - Add your pictures from gallery - Save on SD Card - Share on social media - Open the poster maker app - Find the perfect poster template - Customize your poster design - Get creative with more poster design elements - Save, share OR re-edit

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Luckies Birds

easy for reskin AdMob (banner, interstitial, reward ads) iron source ads easy to att new levels good graphic design levels + endless level

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Snake Runner Unity Template

Easy Ad Implementation East To Reskin Satisfying mechanic Ready To Publish

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Enatega Complete Food Delivery App

Enatega is a complete white label on-demand food delivery solution just like Ubereats, Foodpanda, Swiggy or JustEat. The source code includes complete documentation and a completely separate analytics Dashboard using Amplitude. It is Ninjas Code flagship product and the team keeps thoroughly updated and we keep building new features. We provide customization services as well so you don't have to build from scratch and can easily launch your food delivery startup with us.

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Earn Money Spin and Scratch Card To Win

es this app is totally free to play spin and scratch games, Our App is a simple and small app where you can earn money by just rotating wheel and Scratch Coupons. How to make easy money online ? ✅How to make fast money online ? ✅How to work from home online ? ✅How to make money easily withdraw? With Earn Money Online you will never have to worry about your pocket money again!!! So, what keeps you waiting on trying and earning your first reward!

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E commerce app

These are the following features of the E-Commerce Application in Android with Full Source Code View Products Search Products Choose Products by Category View products details Indicate the desired quantity and add to cart Checkout

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Desktop To SMS and Android SMS Server with Code

Attached C# and Xamarin code files, both open with Visual Studio 2019 and Xamarin Instruction for User/Developer ​1. Open in visual Studio 2019 2. Open DesktopToSMS Project, Run - press F5, Insert mobile IPs which want to connect to Send SMSs 3. open DTServer in mobile 4. Type IP Address and Ports in DesktopToSMS Software get both from DTServer mobile screen 5. Open Excel File where number stored, format included 6. Type SMS Message 7. Press Send button

added by niazjagirani

Note Plus Android application that organizes notes cheklists

- User friendly navigation menu, action bar and action buttons - User authentication via memory - Organize your Notes either in title/paragraph format or, title/checklist format - Both of the above formats are easily exchangable - Add/Modify/Delete/View note - Add/Modify/Delete/View note check list - Features multiple views such as Staggered Grid Layout, Multiple Independent Grid Views, Grid Layout and Grid Views with random custom color range - Features auto reset/fill up of random data for testing. The app can easily be modified to interact with a remote storage - This app can easily be modified to share notes between various users that are stored remotely

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Meal Monkey Food Delivery

Product Features: 1. Intro (Boarding) Screen 2. Account Management. 3. Sign In, Sign Up, Forgot Password, Login with Phone 4. HomePage 5. Category Grid Screen 6. Search Page 7. Latest Detail Listview with Complex UI 8. Like, Comment, Download, Peoples interest circular stack. 9. Dual Language (English), easy to customize 10. Dual Theme, Dark and Light Theme 11. Favorite, Posts StaggeredGrid Screen 12. Update Profile, Photo Picker 13. Follow, UnFollow, Followings, Followers 14. Join, UnJoin (Leave) Category Group 15. PhotoView zoom and write a comment 16. Find More, Read More, Animation FadeUp 17. Post by Category, Profile Members Page, etc… For buyers, Free Lifetime Update Version.  Requirements: 1. Flutter Framework 2. Android Studio 3. X code 4. Visual Studio Code 5. A Brain to Think 6. Just extract the zip main file, open VS, and run the command: flutter clean flutter pub get flutter run on your Device/Emulator (Android and also iOS) Read documentation carefully And enjoy..

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Fintech Digital Ledger

Fully optimized code ready to launch in production. Uses latest API of android framework. Designed for latest version of android and compatible back to android version 4.2

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Ecommerce android app made in Unity 3d integrated with Firebase services

Ecommerce app integrated made in Unity3d with Firebase firestore cloud database, firebase cloud storage and firebase phone authentication. Cost effective as users data such as address are stored in frontend and only stored in database when user buys a product. Easy to get started and worked with Unity Created in Unity 3d

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ScanQuick QR Code Bar Code Scanner and Generator

QR code Generator QR code Scanner easily UPI Payment read and scanning Business Card Reader (Save information: Phone Number, Email and Website) Pick QR code images and display the result Send Email Send SMS Create URL/Link Add Contact.

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