Referral program

Our PieceX family is growing and we want to reward you for being a part of it. That is why we are launching our new referral program

How it works

Invite & share

Invite your friends or share PieceX on social media and help us spread the word.

Grow the community

When one of your friends signs up with your link you both get rewards.

Enjoy your rewards

you and your friends get rewards. That you can use to buy source code for free.

How you can use your points

You can use your points to buy source code from a large set of projects. From AI recognition to E-commerce websites, you can find the right piece of code that will fit with your current project.


The more points you get the best source code products will get cheaper for you. One of them is this amazing mobile payment UI/UX, that you can get for free if 2 of your friends sign up.


What our customers are saying about us.

I develop software as a living for a very long time. Throughout my career, I had created some side projects to practice my abilities (you know the old saying “If you don’t use it: you’ll lose it”). I searched for some marketplaces where I could profit with my skills and increase my income. There are some other sites out there, however, they were taking a big commission out of my hard work. Luckily I found PieceX. It’s simple, you upload your items and you get paid for it. With the points I get from sales and other community activities I bought some nice codes that were very time saving and high quality.  Overall this is my go-to site for selling and buying source code.

As it happens in most I.T departments: my team and I are overloaded with work and new projects every day. Having management pressuring us to achieve unrealistic development times has always been an issue. I got the chance to run into this website and since then we had acquired some scripts and codes to make our life easier. Every time the quality of the source code that we got was outstanding. The management is happy, we are less stressed; it has been a win-win situation. 
Lizzie Jones

Lead developer, FabricApp

One important attribute of software is that it never sleeps. As such I can make passive income selling it. With PieceX I can simply put tool, programs, projects, templates or whatever kind of code online that is valuable enough to sell. I just put them up online and forget about them. They will make money on their own. That is why I am using PieceX.
It’s very convenient having templates and such, right there pre-made for all these projects instead of starting from nothing, especially if you are a solo developer or a small team.

Software Engineer, OneAct

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