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How to Learn JavaScript?

Nowadays all internet users visit many websites for the purpose of entertainment, or information. But have you ever seen a "JavaScript" option while browsing, like Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox, etc.? If so, you may be wondering what is JavaScript? Why is it displayed while browsing? And why is it necessary to enable JavaScript? In this article, we will give you complete information about JavaScript as well as how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

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  • What is JavaScript?
  • Where is JavaScript used?
  • How to enable JavaScript?
  • How to learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is an interpreter/language. JavaScript is also called client-side / server-side script. Creates a dynamic web page. This is the third layer of web technology quality cake.

What is JavaScript?
Because this is the script language. So the JavaScript code is coded with the HTML page. JavaScript provides programming facilities for web designers and it is very useful for a web designer to know JavaScript.

When a user submits a request for a web page in an Internet browser, the computer server combines the HTML code of that page with the JavaScript code and sends it to the web browser. The browser then converts the code into text when needed and displays the code to the user. JavaScript can be used to create cookies not only in one browser but also in server programs and web browsers.

Just like an HTML file extension is .html. Similarly, the .js file extension of javascript. JavaScript is open and cross-platform which means it can be used in many operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc.

Currently, JavaScript standards are set by ECMAScript (also a name for JavaScript). These standards are known as ECMA-262 specifications.

JavaScript "Hello, World!" Program example. JavaScript "Hello, World!" Program example.
<p>This is JavaScript Program...</p>
alert( 'Hello, World!' );


This code is the most popular example of JavaScript. The first JavaScript program for students learning JavaScript is "Hello, World!" Yes, it happens only then.

Step # 1- Discovering Notepad First
Step # 2 - Now copy the code above and paste it into Notepad
Step # 3- Then save this code as firstjs.html
Step: # 4 - Close Notepad and open the firstjs.html file in the browser.
Step # 5 - Your "Hello, World!" The program is created. That's what you'll see.

Where is JavaScript used?
JavaScript is called one of the popular programming languages ââworldwide. It is used to create a beautiful webpage with features like automation and animation.

In the present time, we can search millions of apps on our smartphones. JavaScript has contributed a lot in developing state-of-the-art apps. The mobile applications can be made without Web Context using JavaScript. Since JavaScript works cross-platform. So you can use these apps on Android, iOS, etc. JavaScript is also used to build server applications.  Therefore, at the present time, JavaScript is a rapidly expanding language that is being used in many fields.

# 1 Join Computer Institute
The first and popular way to learn JavaScript is to go to a computer institute and learn web designing or by taking admission in a web development course.

This method is very effective for the students around whom there is an institute that teaches good computer courses. Because after school/college, there is the facility to attend computer classes.

Along with this, there is a free facility of computers and other assistive tools for you to practice. And the presence of teachers is enough for doubt solution.

Buy #2 books
Books have always proved to be a means of learning new ones. Therefore, you can also take the help of books to learn JavaScript. If you do not get these books at a nearby bookstall, you can buy them online. You can use Amazon to buy online.

#3 course online
Nowadays the importance of digital education is increasing. And getting the education for students is becoming very accessible and cheap.  All this has been possible due to online study. You can learn any skill from online study portals

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