Top 10 trending Android App Templates

In this blog, we will discover about trending Andriod templates at PieceX for any business to make successful. App Inventor for Android's visual block language

There is always a big advantage in using existing app templates as they allow you to complete your work faster because most of the programming work has already been done for you. So, all you need is to build the app as per your needs. Are you looking for a productive development journey in 2020? Grab one of these 10 famous app templates, customize the code and enjoy your favourite app.

1. Android Music Player
This template allows you to manage your music and songs easily. Music Player will help you easily navigate through the music in your phone. With over 20 background skins, the look of the app is outstanding and ensures to offer a next level experience. Buy the code here
2. Insta Grid for Instagram
There is a constant evolution in the Instagram aesthetic trends and one such trend is the Insta Grid. You can split your panoramas or large rectangular photos into a number of small square pictures and upload them to Instagram – Time to impress your page visitors! Buy the code here.
3. Keypad Lock Screen
Keypad Lock Screen and Live Wallpaper ensure one of the best parallax effect look and gives your mobile screen a beautiful look. Buy the code here.
4. Daily Expense Manager
Daily Expense Manager is designed to maintain your expenses and income as it records the movements of money. With this app, you don’t have to remember your important bill payments due date – The app helps you gain better control over money. Buy the code here.
5. Color Splash Photo Editor
Ever tried giving your pic an impeccable color splash? If not, then Color Splash Photo Editor is the perfect app to do so. Use this app to apply some magical photo effects and breathtaking look to your pics. Buy the code here.
6. Typorama Photo Text Editor
Typorama photo editor helps you create incredible visuals by transforming your photos and text into amazing typographic designs. Just choose a preferred background, type in the words and your artistic typography is ready. Buy the code here.
7. Minutes Workout
7-Minute Workout app is a simple, fast, modern way to workout anywhere, anytime without any need for workout equipment. Buy the source code, personalize it, burn those extra calories and build six packs in the comfort of your home. Buy the code here.
8. Image Resize App
This easy-to-use Image Resize app helps you to quickly and easily reduce the size or resolution of your photos. You can now transfer your pics much faster and save a lot of phone space. Buy the code here.
9. GST Tax Calculator
Even today, most of us find it difficult to calculate GST for the products. This GST Tax Calculator allows you to calculate all four GST tax rates quickly and easily. It takes-in the amount, calculates the GST and allows the user to copy and share results. Buy the code here.
10. Photo Sketch Blender
Photo Sketch Blender is a powerful photo editor which can manipulate your pictures real fast. Make your own cartoon photo with selfie Photo Sketch Blender in an all-in-one bundle. Buy the code here.



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