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Participate in PieceX Best Coder Contest to earn prize money of $500. More Details at, https://blog.piecex.com/blog/piecex-best-source-code-seller-2021-contest/

Technology is changing at a fast pace and so should the skillset of programmers, developers and coders.

Coding contests are very popular in recent times.  Software developers of all ages participate in such competitions to brush up their skills and more importantly, to earn the name and fame. It helps software developers to practice, learn, compete, and grow.

The benefits of participating in these coding contests are endless.

1. Enhance problem-solving skills
It boosts your analytical and rational thinking which eventually intensifies problem-solving skills to make you better software professionals.

2.Brush up programming skills

Coding contests are great medium to brush up your programming skills.

3. Encourage to write cleaner and better code

Clean code is one critical aspect that can make or break a project. When you work in a team on developing a bigger application, you are forced to write a clean code that can be understood by your team.

4. Join you with community

When you become a part of such contests, you connect with a lot of other programmers.Finally, you have an elite group of coders, a community of like-minded people to hangout with where you can get your queries answered and learn new skills from peers. You can grow a network of software professionals that can be beneficial in moving ahead in your career.

5. Prizes and money

Yes, coding contests offer prizes to the winners. Apart from boosting your programming skills, prizes and rewards are another important factor that motivate programmers to work harder and win the competition.

At PieceX, we are glad to announce  Best Seller Contest” with whooping prize money of $500. Yes, you read it right, we are offering an opportunity to earn $500 by participating in contest.

1. Rules are very simple. Contest timelines are February 1 - April 30. All uploads / purchases prior to that date will not be counted.

2. Get your project ready to be sold! All products uploaded after the 1st February enter automatically the contest to win the prize.

3. All products categories are eligible for the contest except for the free item's category.

4. The winners are selected based on the total value of the products sold, number of product uploads not based on the number of transactions.

5. The sellers that advertise their products will have more chance to win. The prize will be attributed to sellers with the products that sell the most over the different categories: scripts, mobile, web and games related products.

6. The winners will be designated based on the winning criteria on the 3rd of May, and the prize giveaway will be done and announced by that same day. Use your time because time once gone can never be regained.

Become best seller and Upload your first product now.

*T&C apply. Read contest rules here .


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