How to use Piece

This article gives details about using Piece such as creating an account on Piece, buying and selling source code on Piece.

About Piece [ピース]

Piece [ピース] is a new platform where any developer around the world can sell and buy source code.

Source code can be anything, like application templates, algorithms, scripts or anything else you can imagine, in any programming or scripting language.

It is convenient to buy and sell source code in Piece.

It’s a good idea to use source code which is already existing and reduce the time to create your application.

Piece provides content in English and Japanese language and for buying and selling you can user JPY and USD currencies.

Below, I describe how to create a new account in Piece, How to search source code of your interest, How to buy and sell source code.

Create a new account

1. Go to Piece.

2. Click on Create Account. You will earn 1.3 USD points on new account creation. You can use these points while buying a source code.

3. You will get below form. Add required details and submit the form.

4. After submitting the form you will receive email notification for validation. Click on the link provided in the email and your account will get activated.

5. Now you can make great use of Piece.

6. Once you create your account, you can create your profile with Piece.

7. Click on below icon

8. Click on Settings

9. Fill up your details

How to search source code of your interest

1. Click on Source List as shown below. You will get redirected to page where you will find list of source codes.

2. Source list page -

3. Apply the required filters on left for required language and Genre.

How to sell a source code

1. To sell a source code, login into Piece.

2. You can refer to checklist at below URL before uploading a source code.

3. Click on “Sell Source Code”

4. You will get redirected to the below form. Add required details for your source code to be uploaded. and submit the request

5. Your Source code will get available on Piece in few minutes after processing

6. When someone buys your source code, you will earn reward and it will get transferred to your PayPal account

How to buy a source code

1. To buy a source code, login into Piece.

2. Select the sources you wanted to buy and add into your cart

3. Confirm your source codes and click on “Buy” button

4. Verify the payment details and click on “Buy” to complete the payment

5. You can complete the payment with your PayPal account or your Debit or Credit card.

6. After completing payment, you will get redirected to Piece where you can download the source code you just purchased.

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